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Yeah, I wasn't sure I wanted to post anything about oil. My point is, if you want to stick to the manufacturer's recommendation for the best performance and life of the engine, KTMs take a pretty specific and sometimes hard to find viscosity of oil. It would be nice, in a traveling bike, to have a wide range of usable oils.

Or you could just carry some oil with you, and have more oil shipped to waypoints on your trip.
I consider the fuel injection hassles such as Fishfund experienced to be far more significant
than the oil requirement. The fuel injection systems ( on various KTMs ) have not yet reached
a level of reliability which would be desirable for a trip away from the typical trappings of civilization.
I'd much rather have a vacuum fuel pump and carbs. Of course the Euro emissions requirements make
carbs a thing of the past for street legal bikes, so we are left to retrofit carbs or buy a bike which came
with them OEM or take our chances with fuel injection and maybe carry a bunch of spares to hedge our bets.


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