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A passing rider has the right of way

I'm reading my recently acquired copy of Observed Trials by Bernie Schreiber & Len Weed and the quote mentioned in the subject line caught my attention. "If all else fails, push by. A passing rider has the right of way." He's referring to passing riders when on the loop.

This is a complete non-issue for me, as the 4 hour time window that we're provided is always plenty of time. I take a long time walking sections of the first loop (too long) and still have never had to rush. But I'm curious. Is time enough of an issue for passing to become necessary on the loop? At what level of competition?

Is the above quote correct, or is it the responsibility of the passer to do so safely? I occasionally get hung up on the loop behind a very slow rider, but I've never worried about it given that I have plenty of time.
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