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Originally Posted by Katoom119 View Post
So if I decide to show up with my 990 and run Adventure Heavy:

Anything required other than showing up with money, gear, that safety cross, first aid kit, and a DOT legal bike? I read the moto rules but the big GRR rules reminds me too much of my day job.

Do I need to find a roll chart or load the route in my GPS? Are there course arrows? I know the website said I probably won't have time to look down but don't want to make a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

I'm assuming that Adventure Heavy will probably start DFL so the course will probably be very easy to follow.

Is the sand stupidly deep? I don't really feel like fighting my 500 pound monster all day instead of enjoying the race. If my bike will sink with sand over the rim then I might be bringing my 690...
A simple roll chart holder, enduro style is all you need. The transits at SB are really easy, leave the GPS in the truck so you don't loose it. A few years ago, a competitor was riding the wrong way on the course at night because he lost his GPS....Of course I was the one that got to chew his ass stage side

I've ridden my 950 at Sandblast twice and at Black river once, it was good fun. The sand is deep in spots but mostly in the tighter corners. The weather conditions play a huge role in how bad the ruts are. This is me from last year on the SE....had a blast!

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