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Klim's response seems to have been somewhat decent in your experience. But having you tape off the zippers to test the waterproofness makes me wonder what their response would have been if the zippers were leaking. Other reports on that point seem to indicate, "too bad, so sad" is pretty much Klim's response. I'm not going to spend that much money on something that doesn't work. I've been down that road too many times already with mid-priced gear.
No better place to get it than right from the horses mouth . . . I contacted Klim about the chance of zippers leaking and the warranty They said that the outside cargo pockets are not guaranteed to be waterproof and in unsusual circumstances, might get water in the pocket due to a bottom seam that cannot be sealed. But it won't leak through the jacket. ANY leakage from the outside to the inside of the jacket including zippers would be warranteed.

So based on the above, and a very good real-world test about a guy sliding over cheese-grater pavement in a contstruction zone in Russia with almost zero damage to the suit or himself (Klim Adventure suit), I'm going to go for the Badlands which seems similar in quality and construction, but would suit my dual-sport riding better.

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