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Originally Posted by Alcan Rider View Post
If you time your ride just right, you can join us in our annual April Fool's Arctic Circle Ride (which we insist all participants realize IS NOT A RALLY!). We try to keep the number of riders below 200 to minimize traffic disruptions on the Dalton Hwy, but for someone coming from way south of the border, we could make an exception.

Khuddy will undoubtedly be riding up from Montana for the event, as he hasn't missed one yet (other than the very first one) and would probably be glad for the company, so you could join him as he travels across the snow-covered wasteland.

I would provide a link to ride reports covering earlier occurrences of this event, but Mr Huddy has gotten a little behind in posting those reports. Something about having difficulty getting the photos uploaded, he claims.

To sign up, just send a PM to khuddy (who posts frequently in this forum) and he will tell you how much to send for the honor of joining the hordes of riders who make this event what it is every year. He might even offer a discount if you will let his friend Maggie ride behind you from Fairbanks to the Circle and back. Your bike can handle two-up riding, can't it?
That is a HELL OF A INVITATION Alan, I am interested!
Wouldn't you have pics of previous edition for me to understand what it was to be doing that in April? And also which is the furthest point you guys reach north and what is the most challanging one due to the current conditions?
Thanks a lot.
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