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The only time I had a guy come through Tok in winter On a bike when I was there and it was in Feb at -40 was my friend Rolland from Switzerland (not that he was any less of a nut bar) now he even in his home town didn't own a car and all winter there rode his bike so he was use to it AND it is a three wheeler two wheel drive old russian bike BIG difference. The day I met him I was at the store there in Tok saw the bike there out front and I said to myself this guy will not be hard to spot in the store and he wasn't I invited him over to the shop he stayed for a few days had a big old time I few years later I ended over at his house in Switzerland.
Mike, all your advices help me thinking well about all this winter alaska idea of mine but I also need to put into consideration that people went there on a bike in february and march, like Rolland and few others.
I won't push myself too far is it's not possible but I will give it a try.
That is why I would like to ask if you, from WHITEHORSE to TOK which route would you suggest to find the better condition in march april? The one that goes across Dawson City ot the one across Beaver Creek?
Thanks a lot
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