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Originally Posted by acesandeights View Post
I like the nipples a little lower, a more natural boobie, but some people prefer the kind you posted (I'm guessing she's got implants). :-)
Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
They're just in the upward arc of a "jiggle." You know, like in the opening minutes of On Any Sunday, red sweater...
edit: technical term—"apogee"
haha, yeah, I guess those were kinda high and implant-y.
At least they’re symmetrical...
not like some people...

(° )( .) <---- Kitty (say goodbye to these, michael!)

Where's that thing from scottmac? . lemme go find it...

I just thought other other nipple option (.)(.) looked a little droopy. But, I guess that’s life. Gravity's a bitch.

(.)(.) <----- maybe a little too much of this. Apogee = Ow. (thanks HWD - vocabulary lesson!)

haha, this is fun!

(-)(-) <---- pierced

(x)(x) <------- Wendy O. Williams couldn't find a good pic online but she was the first to put those electrical tape "X"s on her nipples.

( . )( . ) <------
Christina Hendricks

( o Y o ) <------ we’ll go with these. Go where, I have no idea. But, if I need to use boobs for something else, those are them.

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
i'm prepping for f5-dakar madness, working on thread "scanning" tools... did you know that so far for this report, you've posted 3000+ images, not counting videos! (for reference, you posted ~2880 photos in your Summer of Stupid report)

that's madness! what an amazing story. i can't wait for the finish!

3000+ images, huh? It feels like 10,000!
I am surprised that there are more pics so far than in all of the S of S...I thought I was using fewer photos this time.
Interesting... Thanks, kaia!

Originally Posted by nuggets View Post
Since the stats subject came up. LittleWan you should know that if you sort the ride reports by rating, your thread makes the first page of results.


hi nuggets - really? Thanks for noticing, but I don't even look at those stupid things.
I was looking for a little while, but every time I checked, the numbers only went down.
It was too depressing (considering how much work goes into a RR), so I stopped.
We get a lot of 1 star ratings, I think.

Now I just do what I like and try not to worry about anonymous ratings.
But it sounds like you're enjoying the report (I hope), so that makes me happy.
Thanks for taking the time to post!

Day 50: 8/10/12 continued
Near Ukiah, OR to Cranes Crossing CG 222 miles

I think this is Oriental Creek Campground.
We saw a sign for $8, but according to this website, there’s no charge for overnight camping.

We totally blew past the turnoff for Dale and had to backtrack.

They were doing some road work, but the new bridge is finished.

Dale, Oregon.
According to the internets, the mail for Dale actually goes to Ukiah now.

There was a woman pumping gas at the store, so I had high hopes for the Ladies room!

Too bad it was only 87 octane and full of ethanol
(god, we missed that good chilliwack 94 octane )

This is about the size of the bear we saw leaving Walla Walla.
(poor bear )

Guns are not allowed in store. Careful, there, Annie Oakley.

This may have been an all-time low...
Red Bull, Code Red, and a snickers bar for lunch.

Or, should I say, “high?”

I think we needed it.
Damn chipmunks, waking us up so early... ooh. that’s about how annoying it was, too...

Cool, I was hoping to pick up the latest issue of Tractor House...

Haha, same lame city folk joke as last time.

Last time I also said there were no ladies in Dale...
But, as we saw earlier, there are now...
Yes! The bathroom was soooo much better...

It’s no classy Japanese toilet, but it’s not terrifying anymore, either.

Oh, I recognize this place...

Haha, this is where we did that silly Ponch and Jon video with Gravitycheck. :ymca
It’s unlisted, so the only way to see it is to dig through the old RR.
I’ll put it here, if you’re curious...

Okay, next stop - Olive Lake!


Friday night Mameshiba!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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