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rattle, fast ticking noise at +/- 3800 rpm when stopping to accelerate.

When pulling up in 2nd or 3th to 4000 rpm and then trying to keep the bike at that rpm (or slightly lowering it), it mostly starts to have a fast tick/rattle. This most of the time for a short period. It is a brand new GS1200 and it behaved like this from the first km. It has now 11000 km and noise is still there. I have driven two other new GS1200 from the shop on which I could not reproduce this behavior. I mentioned it and they said some GS1200 do that, but I should not worry about it. It is the engine they said. Because the engine runs well, my only worry is : is this a sign of something more serious that lies ahead ? (when the warranty is over)
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