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I agree with spo123. It has to be a bad connection. My money is on the electronic ignition. Which one did you install? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Dyna III (because it's the one I have experience with!). Seriously, I've experienced VERY similar behavior with my /6. Both times, it was a loose sensor plate. It started, ran, idled, everything was fine, until it warmed up. Then, the connection started to fail and it would run only on one cylinder. The install instructions warned about over tightening it so I was too gentle with it and the motor's vibrations made it loosen over time. Do yourself and before you start throwing more money at it, just look under the front cover and make sure the little round sensor plate is making good contact with the case. That is how the system is grounded and a clean, snug connection there is imperative. No need to tighten the shit out of it, just make sure it's good and snug. If that doesn't do it, then go to the spark plug wires. If they are the original ones, they should be replaced anyway and, as previously stated, they are not expensive (especially if you make them yourself). Good luck!
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