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Telescoping handlebar bike lifter...

Sounded like a good idea at the time...but...Would need straight bars and complicated bar ends unless you wanted to run around unprotected (but in today's world we all need to use protection).

Still working on an idea though as I think this has merit...these beasts are too damm hard to pick up, especially after the 3rd drop in less than a mile in the sand ... (so I am told) ...maybe I can make space for a midget weightlifter (politically incorrect??) that can help pick it up, but then I would need to pack a ladder too as he would be too short for the is just so damm complicated...

Maybe a small version of one of those airbag jacks they use for 4wd's running off the exhaust, would at least get it part way up as I think the first 30 degrees or so is the hardest to there's an idea.....tick tick tick tick....

or an eye bolt on the end of the bars, an aluminum stake to drive into the ground and a small cable winch...just hoist it back up....or just get some ATV tires and put training wheels on the damm thing...
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