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Not long after I left Port Arthur I was riding west on Texas 73 which is a pretty lonely flat pice of 4 lane highway, when about 50 Harley's catch up to me, but they don't pass! WTF? Is this the Hell's Angels? Why are they following me? I was looking at my GPS and I figured it was about 7kms to the turnoff to Galveston and boy was i glad when that came up. I took it. They FOLLOWED me. Yikes. I made the left and the end of the ramp, ducked into the next gas station and they went by. Yay! It wasn't the Angels, just a huge group of bikes.

I started seeing lots of motorcycles LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of motorcycles. WTF is going on? Turns out the Lone Star Motorcycle rally is on the go in Galveston.

I rode the Bolivar Peninsula and took the ferry and talked to two nice guys on bikes I had been following. They told me about the Rally and said it was the third biggest bike rally in the USA after Daytona, and Sturgis. I had never even heard of it.

I never thought I'd get a room but I found one in a little hotel, a block from the beach and while the price was inflated I could live with it.

I walked the strip for hours looking on in amazement at all the stuff you can buy for Harleys and other big bikes for that matter. They were even bolting turbo chargers on and dyno testing them right there.

The latest fad I saw was 26" wheels for the front of your Harley

I'm not a Harley guy but I have to appreciate the ingenuity of the after market guys ans the amazing talent of the guys doing custom paint jobs on these bikes! WOW!

Some of the bikes were for sale for over $50,000

I took a bunch of pictures I will post soon. I have to get out of here. It 9;45, I slept in after a bit of fun at the biker bars last night and I intend to move on today. I have "done" the Lone Star Rally

I'll guarantee you I was the only KLR 650 here from NB

I stood out in the crowd.
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