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Originally Posted by pdedse View Post
Really enjoying the bright, vivid colors of things-people Guate in the photos.
you know its very difficult to have very bright vivid colors in this area but as i have gone to other areas the Mayan use more subtle colors, here it is brighter reds, oranges and yellows, other areas are greens and blues and the "new generation" are using more subtle colors and highlighting them with gold brocade inlays

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
Thanks Paul for the people pictures. I remember you posted a picture of your teacher; can you tell us her background, if appropriate? What is her education? How and where did she learn English? Has she traveled much outside Guatemala? Thanks.
i actually swapped my Spanish teacher a few days after that photo, not becuase she wasn't good teaching Spanish but bad speaking English and as i had zero Spanish for here to mime what a word was would take 10 to 20 minutes and i figured it was taking "my time" away from my Spanish my new teacher speaks English well (but almost never unless it is necessary) she was formally trained here in Guatemala and has also schooled in Paris and Switzerland to learn and teach French as a crossover teacher doing Spanish/ French/ English...surprisingly she also spent some time in New Orleans and is a very well rounded teacher

Originally Posted by SchizzMan View Post
Glad to see you made market day in Chichicastenango. Will share your pix with my Guate friend from there.
it was a good day, even the ride there was a great road with incredible switchbacks...i love chaos and this market was the epitome of CHAOS - also people watching at its finest
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