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Help, my 990R has become a 2 stroke!

2010 990R with 62,000kms on it started burning 1 litre of oil per 500km after a trip to Bolivia! I limped it 1500kms home topping up as I went along

Got home and had it checked out by my friendly neighbourhood mechanic (he is a Dakar and ISDT mechanic)

Evidence of some oil in the airbox
Valve guides shot - replaced with some we had made locally in bronze
Valve seals shot - replaced
Rings showed some wear but not critical, we replaced them all anyway

Just got it back running a few days ago so took it out for a run yesterday

Still burning oil, like 700 ml in 300 km, oh and the idle kept going up to 2k, then 4k, then settled down again.

Does anyone have any pointers as to where we go next? He is puzzled also despite his 20 years + experience

Going back in the shop Monday. As I use my bike for commuting my mechanic buddy is kind enough to lend me a new KTM200 Duke, that should be a laugh in city traffic!

Appreciate any advice
Thanks - Martyn
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