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Originally Posted by WhitneyMike View Post
Thanks Larry for your demo, Cuben fiber tarps seems exactly what I was looking for, along with the Aquamira.. the jute cord was a nice touch...
Thanks for all the kind words from you and everyone else who attended. I really appreciate the feedback.

My take on camping (particularly backpacking) is I want everything to be as efficient as possible. I don't give one rat's cheeky backside how much it costs but cheap is best. Of course when you're carrying it on YOUR back instead of on the back of your mechanical mule then crazy stuff starts to happen (cuben poncho? lol wut?! Yes I'll shave those 3 ounces.).

When it comes to putting it on a bike weight is still important but volume is king. I also pack the heavier (and more comfortable) sleeping pad and a larger shelter when riding because I'm less tired at the end of the day and want to be comfortable. When backpacking I'm so tired by days end I could sleep almost anywhere. One thing stays the same though, I still hate doing dishes on vacation so even though I have a fancy jet powered stove I've found the alky setup to be less fiddly and straight forward. If I want to cook, like really cook, I'm building a fire and carrying a small grate. Or just using a stick and maybe some foil.

For those who were asking about the Trail Star the guys who race the TGO Challenge across Scotland use them a kit these days and can be found at It can be seen on their front page. I'm not affiliated with Ron Bell or his little company but I've bought quite a bit of stuff from him and he's a swell guy. He'll take care of you and will push your order up near the front of the waiting list if you just-have-to-have-it for that big trip coming up. Incidentally MLD also makes the cuben ponchos.

Trailstar Tent Reviews:

One of the many guides to pitching it can be found here:
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