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I read the reviews on Canadian Tire for the Michelin X-ice x12 and the person wasn't impressed with them versus the older version of the same item. This is one person's opinion though. I had a look at them yesterday and they have a less aggressive tread pattern than my all seasons - which makes me wonder why I am even investing in a winter tire in the first place.... I'll have a look at the Yokohama as well.

It's these periodic snow dumps that happen on the coast that are what I am prepping for. You can get 6" of wet stuff in a very short time and the snow removal boys don't have their act together from what I can see. Watching snow plows roaring around with their blades down - with sparks flying - on nice bare Vancouver roads is a sight to see. The inverse is watching them roar past with their blades up in half a foot of crap has also been observed by me. To be polite, these drivers don't get much practice to hone their skills.

As for the commuter side of things, I'm not a high mileage guy. The van has 52K on it and its a 2007. I'd rather ride my bike in the good season - except in Vancouver that is.
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