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Originally Posted by adam_c_eckhardt View Post
After great debate we're getting closer to purchasing a tractor.

I started looking at Kubotas with the intent to buy last week. There was a communication lapse, and my wife flipped out when I came home with a $34,000 QUOTE for a new tractor. I'll spare you the details, but she is acting like she's OK with it now, but now she's got me thinking it's too much money.

Here's what I shopped around for:
Kubota L3240 HST
R4 tires
Loaded rear tires
LA724 Loader with HD Quick attach bucket
3rd function valve for loader

66" root rake grapple
84" hydraulic angle Quick attach snow plow
72" Box scraper
60" Brush Hog

Fiberglass Canopy w/ work lights

Local dealer quoted $38,482, and that included a USED snow plow

Dealer 45 minutes away quoted $35,851

Dealer an hour away asked, "Do you mind last year's model that's been sitting here for a year? Never used, Never demoed, and the NEXT model up in HP?" I said no, and he quoted $34,700 for the whole deal (L3540 for what it's worth)

Kubota has 0% financing.

Talk to me. I've got 16 acres to clean up- tons of brush, logs, stumps to move and dispose of. A couple acres of brushy stuff that I'd like to mow and turn it into more of a field. 300 foot hardpack driveway to plow and maintain. Thoughts?
Taking a break from servicing my Kubota, grabbing some lunch.

Implements get expensive and I am guessing the root rake grapple is pretty pricey. If you need one, you need one.

The front blade does seem a bit big for that tractor but if it can handle it you will move some snow. Are you going with loaded tires, counter weight, chains, etc? My tires are not loaded but I run a real good set of chains on the rear. I don't use my bucket for snow, I use a 48 inch blower, front mount, which I find faster and no snow banks. With a gravel driveway you can set a blower up properly. I wouldn't get a rear mount, hell on the neck. With your heavy equipment back ground the balde and bucket will probably work great.

If had to do it again I'd get a Curtis Cab for the winter, particuarly with a blower.

Have you thought about shopping for used? You can get some good tractors with low hours reasonably priced. Granted, the financing (if you are) would be different and you will probably not buy one with all of the attachments that you are looking for. I bought mine used with less than 100 hours on it.

You could also go new and get the attachments that you need right off and keep your eyes open for good used pcs. and save some money.

Just my .02.
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