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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
I had some brake pads I bought too soon for my xrl, thought it needed new pads, but when I looked closer it has more than half the pads left front and rear at a little over 12k miles. So I decided to return the pads for something my bike will need much sooner......a rear tire
I was going to pick up a D952, but this is a predominantly dirt shop, and the shop folks recommended I try a Pirelli XC Mid Hard, they said it had some of the best dirt grip, and would last the longest. I've never really heard about them, whats the forum feedback on this tire? And how does the front do on and off road?

Also I have an almost new front Dunlop 742 knobbie that came with the bike, but its pretty hard from years of sitting in storage.....whats the risk of running it? Hate to waste good rubber
I had one of the Pirelli XCMH, great handling on and off road and good traction on and off road. Good ride.The front would head shake at around 7o MPH or so. POOR wear, I got like 2500 miles using then in a 80 on road 20 off road.

As to the old rubber, I have twenty something year old Metzlers on my Husky 400 XCE. If they are not cracked, run em!
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