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High in the mountains and back to the ocean: October 18
I know I promised you a story about jungle and monkeys but to get there we have to make another stop at the ocean. We leave Oaxaca dreaming about the beaches while others go to school dreaming about… vacation. School is almost ending here, soon the kids will be on…. summer vacation.
We crossed many military checkpoints since we travel in Mexico. Most of the time they didn’t stop us and once the soldiers were more curious about my motorcycle’s power than our documents or luggage. We see a military checkpoint and this time we can feel it that we are in an area with more foreigners. There is a sign explaining in English what these checkpoints are all about.
By the time we were admiring their concern for foreign travelers were are pulled over. And they find us a “parking” spot behind a truck that was carrying cows, also stopped for checkout.
Oh, what a scent! But we hope they let us go fast.I prepare the documents but the military guy ask me to get off the motorcycle ’cause it might take a while, they have to check our luggage. Great! I answer his quwstions patiently: where I am from, what I am doing here, what about the motorcycle. Keeping an eye on his colleague that started looking through our stuff. He opens the tank-bag, sidecases… Oh, please, don’t make me open these white bags also, it takes me forever to put them back on. The guy checks me out and eventually decides that I am not a drug dealer so he gives me back my documents and wishes us a “safe journey”. I get back on the saddle and (just in my mind) wish him good luck with checking the cows.
As we continue our route the road gets curvy, we got used to having to cross the mountains before reaching the ocean. This time there is not a lot of traffic. The road winds through green mountain tops from which you can see from time to time villages trying to hang on to the rocks.
Mexicans are Latin people. And Latinos have music passing through their veins. I don’t think there is a village without a band. And they learn this very young. We see kids coming back from school carrying different musical instruments. The future Mariachis.
And when there is a band, there is live music. The location is not that important as long as people are having fun. And passion!
We go higher and higher and life people have here seems very harsh.
It seems like nature is trying to make up for it by displaying luxuriant vegetation and great scenery. We share the ride with the white clouds. We stop for a while to contemplate the views.
As we get on the west side we can feel we are closer to ocean, we enter the tropical forest and thick clouds. We can barely see anything.
Through the heavy clouds we can spot unfamiliar trees and plants. Everything that’s more than a few meters away has an indefinite color, like in an old movie seen at neighborhood cinema teahter.
The only difference is that this is not a movie. It’s reality. And in real life you have to always watch the road.
We reach a village surrounded by clouds that looks like a ghost. But it’s real and so are the people living there.
Many of the places I’ve passed made me think of how grateful we should be for living the way we do and where we do. But this is another story… that maybe will be told once we finish our journey.
Now we have to think of less complicated things such as reaching Puerto Angel, our destination, before dark. Meanwhile we get out from the clouds and we are only surrounded by the forest and it’s fresh colors.
We get to the ocean and it’s hot and humid. We sweat instantly and don’t waste too much time looking for a hotel. We stop at the first “semi-hotel-b&b”. There is no secured parking but there is store at the ground floor and thw owner offers me a spot inside. I have to wait though, until 9 pm when the store closes. No problem, meanwhile we can change and go for a walk on the beach.
Hmm, I wonder if the owner has to girls? One is Mari and the other Juana. Sure…
Taking a better look I admit that God works in mysterious ways.
We don’t get too much into details. We have another earthly problem. We get hungry and we meet a guy satisfied with his capture. We would convince him that it would look great on our plate.
Our day has a peaceful ending, enjoying a fish diner right there on the sand.
The places seen only a few hours ago in the mountains seem a forgotten dream. But they are very real for those living there. The ocean waves seem to wash everything away and sun sets peacwfully taking with it all the worries of the day. Everything is quiet.
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Next we make to the jungle and closer to Guatemala border!ata viitoare reusim sa ajungem in jungla si ne apropiem de granita cu Guatemala!
We are exploring the New World
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