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Originally Posted by Chillum View Post
"We don't do alcohol breaks on my rides, if thats your thing, stick to your ride and drink crew."

ALERT: A little pot stirring is coming up.

What if I'm recovering from an injury and taking meds...what grain limit am I allowed to medicate with before I'm not allowed? What if I only drink two beers and they are 12% alcohol? What if I piss in a northerly direction but you only ride with people who piss in a southerly direction? What if you only ride with people who have crew cuts and a concealed weapon permit? If I show you some cop identification does that mean I can drink more than the allotted beer under your stern eye?
I think I am beginning to get a clearer picture why cops only hang with cops, it's all about control bro. No problems, I have no interest in being TOLD what to do and forced what to do, so as you say, I'll hang with "my" crew. You know, the freedom crew, where you can do anything you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Imagine that sh1t. I'm sure there are a few who would like to stomp their fascist boot in my face, the same freedom loving, truth, and justice folks that is. Do you hate me for my freedoms?
I don't have a "crew" specifically set out or apart. I ride with anyone who has a love for riding, AND a non-judgmental attitude. All are welcome, even the haters. You can't hate someone once you see them as equal human beings....yes, even the beer drinking riders. With all that said, I'd still help any one of you out there if ya needed my assistance.

Hey! I only rode up with 5 beers. I rode 80 miles door to door, how many beers per mile does that equel mr, soberpants?
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