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HP-2 19/17 canyon carver set-up....

Originally Posted by gkaan View Post
hey woody - i saw your slightly used hp2e 19 / 17 canyon carver setup for sale and i am interested. i am no longer going to be riding my hp2e off road and am in the process of converting it for better on road performance. i am also planning on selling my ktm 950sm and would like my hp2e to handle like the KTM!..IMHO,,it'll handle more pleasantly than the either your 950SM or your KP-2 with the 17/17 set-up you currently employ but don't enjoy

i know its a tall order to say the least but the hp2e has potential as an uber supermoto IMO.I know of no one that has reverted back to the 17'' front after riding the 19/17,,, its light for a big beast, has ample power, and ergonomically its perfect for me as like the HP2E I'm a bit oversized myself . Of course the handling and braking are the areas that need to be fixed first. If handling and braking are paramount then you'll want a set of my Superlte wheels,,,sealed for tubeless running wavy floating Galfer 320mm rotor with green pads or black ones if ya are extra hard on your brakes... several pounds out of each wheel adds up to enhanced handling/less unsprung weight/rotational mass etc etc

anyway, i have the 17" set up and do not like the way the front end behaves. You're not alone i cant quite put my finger on why.Re-read my comments above
it seems stable enough for the riding i do which is primarily very tight and twisty back roads. I dont have a lot of wide open spaces that i ride but instead i ride a lot on go kart track - like roads. the 17" is ok up to a point but it just doesn't have a linear feel at extreme lean angles falling away in unnerving fashion. does this make sense?Yes.... do you think the 19" set up will cure this?Yes.... The long wheelbase makes quick transitions more challenging than the KTM but i assume these wheels are lighter and stronger than the stock SM wheels? I am installing the fast bike industries fork kit and assume there is no issues fitting this set up along with your wheels? As long as your oem stuff works with that kit ,,ours will too....will these wheels and rotors bolt right up with the existing calipers? not wanting to change the seat height or riding position and assume i do not have to modify this for the 19/17 set up?well the seat height will be a tad higher because the front wheel will rise an inch,,,next ya may want/need an adjustable sidestand ..we can modify yoursto give ya a 2-3'' range circa $99 includes modification /upgrade/big foot etc,,,,,if you don't have one of my lifetime warranty ss side stand bracket with an integral grease fitting ya may want to invest in that too,,IMHO,,if you still have the oem aluminum bracket ,you are sitting on a time bomb,they have a proclivity to bending,cracking and causing unnecessary damage to your collector bike lastly, how many miles on these and what would they cost me new?

these were demo wheels on my bike for show n tell ,,will double check for sure,,,start from scratch sets are circa $2k +/- depending on color /tubeless or not/and if we do ya an oem X-laced or not... FYI cheapest conversion is to send in old 17''Sumo wheel ,,have us modify it

HOWEVER it will not get ya the lightest strongest set up for what you are looking for....FYI ,,many opt for a wider rear 17//then ya can run 160/170 and even 180 wide tire depending on rim size
Want the most flexibility???,,,then stick with oem rim widths,,,you'll have the largest selection of dual sport tires available,,,with a set of TKC-80s you can tear up the fire roads flat track style REAL easy
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