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Breakfast places don't usually open up until 9 or 10 in the morning. Mexicans eat late evening meals as well. Typically 9 or 10 pm. Sort of like India only there the restaurants don't even open until 9 and if you are starving at 6 you are SOL. Here at least there is street food available at most hours of the day from late morning on.

Went down to the Casona del General Restaurante recommended by Tricepilot. Nice place:

down across from the Iglesia (main church) near the Plaza Centrale. Cute waitress was too shy for a pic so you'll just have to imagine. Nice decor with a Pancho Villa theme. I would fit right in with these hombres from a 100 years ago:

Later I hope to ride up in the mountains and see if any of these guys descendants are still around:

I imagine this is what happens if you marry Miss Coca-cola salsa queen in your later years of life after she's had a few kids and filled out. I'd rather be riding:

Anyway nice historic displays and posters at the restaurant:

Recommended. Although at 64 pesos for coffee and scrambled eggs I think I will be eating out of grocery stores for the rest of the day.

Heading out into the mountains to see if I can find Cerro Potosi that slowoldguy posted a pic of and hopefully get lost. It's nice around here, and I have always been a firm believer in lingering in nice places and jetting through the boring spots. So decided to rent the room here at the lovely Hotel Juana Maria for another night and leave my stuff while I head out riding the backroads this afternoon.

more later…..

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