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Originally Posted by Jeff aka BOLT View Post
Hey guys... I think this war has been fought many times before on ADV. Nothing good ever comes of it.

Let's not do it again. It's pointless and just drags the thread and the site down.

If you host a ride... it's your ride... you make the rules. If you don't like the ride host's rules don't go on his ride. But to start an internet soap box war on the subject of drinking and riding [again] is purely pointless. Nobody is gonna change their opinion. So in the end it is nothing more than thread sabotage.

Those that want beer free rides can participate in the thread.
Those that want beer rides can do so as well.

They just don't have to ride together.

Let's keep this thread open to all.

The point being, we "the fun riders" didn't bring it up or ask stupid questions like, is it ok if we stop for a beer or bong hit? The guy brought it up to make it a point on a public riding forum. We " the fun riders" usually just show up and ride. If we bust out the bong and wanna have a drink, we usually do so while waiting for noobs to catch up.

The guy was trolling while pill popping for crying out loud! Least not forget pot is now prescribable by a Dr. These days. Which makes it ok to use caution while operating machinery until you are comfortable with the effects of the medicine.
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