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Quime to Chulumani

A bit of vid from this ride where an unexpected incident occured.

The drop offs you ride next to provide breathtaking views.

So what you don't want to see is bikes pulled over ahead looking anxiously down one!

You think the worst....

Fortunately rider and bike were ok. But here's how far the bike went from the top

The rider clipped the edge of a washout too close and lost the bike under him. He fell 2 metres but the bike was about 20m down the slope. Which at times was nearly vertical.

Phew, he's ok and bloody lucky truth be told. When you mess up here you usually don't get off lightly.

So began the exercise of bringing the bike up. The support truck duly arrived (4x4 Nissan, which later had issues of it's own but thats another story) and we fashioned a long enough rope out of some strops, tie downs and whatever else we could lay our hands on.

We were still short. The three of us ladies then did the decent thing and offered over our bras for that extra length required. Did I mention the 'muscle' of the group were either ahead already, or down the bank trying to right the bike? At the top were 3 women, an older chap, the support truck driver and an asthmatic lawyer.

We were soon surrounded by locals who happened upon the scene and avidly offered to help. So with their muscle we hauled the bike and people below to the top. I say we, but someone had to video the event right

And yes, its a Honda...of course it ran just fine afterwards.

Later, in a faaaairly accurate reconstruction by the rider he claimed to have ridden the batbike back up the sheer cliff face from which he plummeted to save a small kitten.

The Yamaha dealer from Ashburton shall remain nameless to protect his identity
The lawyer is still taking depositions from the event.
Bras were returned in nearly new condition.

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