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Came back to the hotel and promptly fell asleep. I'm getting into the swing of siesta life. Woke up and dark thunderstorms were sweeping up from the south. Cerro el Potosi will have to wait until tomorrow. Decided to stay in town and enjoy the day, goof off and study Spanish while I have an internet connection. Went shopping for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Just to give you an idea of what is available for a traveler with no stove:

As far as prices converted to U.S. dollars
Yogurt drink 84
Avocado 36
yogurt and granola 50
sardines $1.08
6 bananas 35
cookie/cracker gamesa 48

total was a little over 45 pesos or $3.61

Prices are slightly cheaper in large town chain grocery stores than up here in the mountains. But it is always cheaper to eat from stores and roadside taco stands than sit down restaurants if you are traveling on a shoestring budget.

Alas the pictures are not nearly as mouth watering as Ray's Tejas brisket and ribs that I still see in my dreams.

Todays expenses were 397 pesos or 31.76

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