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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
There are two you may really like, First would be the Parker 250 which is a staggered start each minute a racer leaves, loop race, if you are iron man you do only two loops of three. A tough race but do able for you I belive.. Second would be the Laughlin hare scrambles an AMA style loop race with side by side two man starts. If you want to test your all out speed a good one would be the Silverstate 300 which has hardly any technical ridiing but will keep you busy learning how to watch for markers, follow a course and get out of the way of vehicles as well.
Perhaps MAYBE running those 2 as a full blown Novice, but he is a red number one loop only novice aka: begginer racer. finishing one loop of a National H&H is NOTHING compared to doing both loops. He needs to develop enough strength and skill before playing with the big boys.
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