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Originally Posted by Team Longriders View Post
Um well, you started the thread. High desert plated dirt bike rides. High as in stoners unite while riding plated dirtbikes in the desert? Am I taking this outta context? And unless I'm wrong, you can't legally plate a dirtbike anymore, so this whole thread is promoting illegal rides on illegal bikes. Unless they were plated before 2001? Am I correct? So let's just all calm down and have fun with this friendly Internet banter between riders who all love to ride.
Originally Posted by Jeff aka BOLT View Post
I am curious... does anyone find these kind of posts entertaining ? Does it make this thread more fun ? Is this the kind of post that makes you wanna subscribe to the thread and come back again... and again ? Cause I see it as pure litter in the road. But if I am wrong and this is what you guys all want just let me know.

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