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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
I survived! I didn't even drop it!

After the desensitization Pete put me through, the only parts that inspired actual fear were the miles and miles of shitty, deep sand. I didn't get stuck and didn't fall over so it was a success!
One deep sand trick I learned and used in Moab was to put your weigh to the rear and make the steering zigzag rapidly by using a counter-steering type of pressure back and forth on the backs of the bars to keep your front tire from going one way or the other.

Another trick if you are ever halfway up a hill and can't make it, shut the engine off. Now you can use your clutch as a brake so you have control over both wheels at the handlebars and both feet on the ground for stability. That one we remembered after our fellow rider backed down way too fast and had a potentially bad get-off that could have taken one of us out.

I assume you've already learned to stand up over the rough stuff and use the foot pegs for most of your steering power. If not, there's another important one.

Been lurking on the thread a while. I'm going NC to Portland on an XT600 in about 6 months, so we should cross paths. Until then!
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