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Originally Posted by Sutherngintelmen View Post
Rigid Dually's have mass. Techmounts to crash bar set up failed on my last trip. One, then the other with another 30 hours riding.

I decided to try something permanent. Nylon saddle washers with 8mm x 1.25 x 55mm SS hex bolts drilled through crash bar cross brace. I coated holes with paint then sealed with silicone to keep things from rust in the long run (and rattle canned the saddle washers.) Very cost effective. Yes, I weakened the cross member some.

I've got the Clearwaters mounted on the thin gauge steel plate - I think Ezmount? Don't know if it's stout enough for Dually.

Couple of things - I'm an aux light ho. Always have been. I like light: see and be seen. Too much? Maybe. Nice to have amber markers in pre dawn fog. Clearwaters punch a long way out and dim to 20% with instant 100% on high beam.

And yes - straight to battery for wiring.

Techmounts fail
Did you get a Clearwater specifically for your bike? I was on their website looking for mine and it seems like after a certain year they don't show anything. Mine is a '13 so I will probably have to wait even longer. I really want something that integrates into the CANbus system.

Also, I am not sure about the previous years, but my F8 has what appears to be a cutout for a fog light switch on the left side switch block and also I can see a fog light indicator in the instrument cluster. Anyone know if that is something that can easily be used?

A little input from me: I hit a deer about a month ago on my 2013 F800 a week after I got it. I came up over a hill and I could not see the deer until it was too late. Aux lights may have helped prevent this. The stock headlight is on the F8 is not very good IMO. The one on my G650GS was way better. Eventually I will update the headlight to HID as well.
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