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Originally Posted by DC2wheels View Post

First, I haven't read every entry in this thread so if this is a repeat post, can't remember........

Where are you? We are in the Franconia Notch area.

I have a 30hp New Holland 4wd w/ FEL that I use around our land and maintain our .4 mile unpaved road- grading in summer, snow blowing in winter. Rake, grading blade, box blade, chipper and snow blower.

Our T1510 has been flawless.

Good luck.
Nice! Come down and visit anytime. I wasn't terribly impressed with the local new Holland dealer- otherwise I'd probably give them a more serious look.

Originally Posted by Piston View Post
and you mentioned that you wanted the root rake style. Do you have a specific reason for wanting the root rake style? Have you used both types before? I don't want to waste my breath telling you some pros and cons of each if you already know them!

I've never used either style before. All I know is that I've got a TON of brush, stumps, and logs to sort through. The previous owner of the land did a real crap job clearing things, and left a serious mess behind. I have to sort through all the piles and separate things into usable logs (for firewood), brush that needs to be burned, and stumps that need to be consolidated and hidden, or trucked off. (I won't bury them).

I just have it in my head that the style without the bottom would be easier to drive up to a pile of mixed stuff, grab a handful, and back away. There's some uneven ground, so if limbs and logs aren't just perfect I could see the bottom piece being a pain and pushing things away that you want to grab. If that doesn't make sense, I'm more than open to other ideas, but I'm dead set on some sort of front end implement to grab things with.

I don't have experience with the quick attach snow plow so I can't comment. However, if you don't mind searching craigslist a bit, and don't mind waiting for a decent deal, you can save a ton of money buying used implements.
Which box scraper and brush hog models did they quote you on? I'd highly recommend going with at least medium duty implements.
What will you be brush hogging? Will the 60" cover your tracks?

Different dealers have quoted different implements, but I did specify heavy duty.

Brush hog is to clear a brushy area and try to turn it into field. It's probably a 2-3 acre area- uneven surface, rocks, stumps, etc. I specified a heavy duty unit with a clutch type safety instead of a shear pin. The 60" is a bit on a small side, but with all the nooks and crannies to get into, it seemed like the right idea. If I find a nice 72" I'd probably go for it.

If a 60" brush hog wouldn't cover your tracks, I'd recommend going for the next model up in HP as you mentioned, and going with a 72".
If you have a ton of brush, logs, and stumps to move, I promise you will be happier with the standard bucket style grapple, and NOT the root rake grapple. A root rake grapple is really good for exactly that, raking roots, but that is when using a powerful skidsteer and not a small CUT, you just can't "rip" things up with a CUT and root rake grapple like it seems.

Are you dead set on going new? You can get so much more for your money by buying used, although, with 0% financing I agree that buying new is not a bad idea.
For reference, I bought a used Kubota L4610 with an LA823 loader for $16k, it had 500 hrs.
I added 4 rear remote hydraulic valves, a WR Long 3rd function front end loader valve, and filled the tires with Rimguard (beat juice).

Seems like most of the stuff I've found used that's in nice shape is so close to new that new makes more sense. Kobudo had a link to a sweet unit with a cab and a snowblower- but with all the work I've gotta do in the woods I can't see having a cab. I'd break glass within a week.

I then bought the following implements USED.
78" heavy duty box blade, HRL3578 with hydraulic scarifiers.
^fancy! Can't justify hydo scarifiers for the use this one will get
72" Brown 472 brush hog (can cut 3-4" saplings.)
PTO stumpgrinder
Hydraulic top link and side link
WR Long 64" OBG-2 grapple
3pt hitch log splitter
6' landscape rake/blade combo
2 bottom disk plow
FEL quick attach forks
6" PTO chipper with hydraulic feed (recently purchased)

I have $29,000 invested into the entire package. Granted, I don't have all brand new equipment and there is something to be said for that, but if I were to buy new, well...I couldn't have afforded it.
Yeah I hear you. There's a difference between what I can afford and what I feel comfortable spending, and I'm definitely a bit over the comfort level and flirting with the affordability. I just keep telling myself that it's at least a 15 year product.

They all accept a 3rd function valve, it's a very easy 2 hr installation max.
Was just hoping to stick with factory stuff on the tractor- I came across a few really nasty looking aftermarket installations. It's probably more about who installs them, but here in New England people have a special way of going about things like that. In fact the John Deere dealer today told me how he'd go about it and there's no way in hell I'd pay him money to do what he described. He wanted to install a rear remote with a control lever off the rear. I asked him if I'd have to reach behind me to operate the grapple and he said "yeah, but you'll get used to it."

If your at all interested, I'll probably have my tractor and equipment on my land in Alton in early December if there is not much snow on the ground. Your more than welcome to come try it out. If that's the case give me a shout. Even if I've got a machine by then I'd be up for checking it out and grabbing a beer.
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