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thanks mates. I miss it already. past 2 weekends were saturday/sunday affairs and with nothing this weekend it seems like a year ago. the more I see it the more amazing it is. todays riders just don't have a clue how incredibly far skill levels have progressed too. was talking to someone last weekend and Justin Barcia's name came up. he was a local here until he got to be about 13 and then Honda said sign here, and him, mom and dad moved south, rode year round and the rest is history, or in the making. he said even when he was on the 65cc bikes he passed pretty much everyone on the track during an open practice. the 65's are incredible as they can go through whoops like greased lightning and basically never leave the ground.

just incredible. read about the new 2013 Honda 450 for mind boggling as to how serious the factories are about making them work better. if the japanese start putting e-start on the bikes I may not be able to resist temptation. I need to buy a D4 asap to prolong my life. just once. just once I'd like to jump and whip like these riders do on a regular basis. anyway 2 weeks ago I went to Hurricane Hills MX just north of Scranton for their last event of the year. One of my favorite riders is New Jersey's Samantha Fritz and she just turned 24 and rides with the guys and gives them more then they can handle and then some. no she doesn't win agains them but she doesn't finish last either and she's not even that big. her dad big Joe Fritz rides plus 40 A and is no slouch himself and owns Hurricane Hills track. Very cool track and they've got Krispy Kreme and Waffle House's over there. What more does a man need?

lets have a look at HH.

early morning look down the "elevator" which is 2 jumps back to back. the kids have crested the take off of the #2, the flaggers stand is at the take off of #1. it used to be one big jump which the FAA made them change to 2 but as Joe Fritz owns a blasting and excavation company he's got plenty of earth moving eqpt to move mountains.

later in the day look, the bulldozer tracks have been replaced by ruts and the morning shadows are gone.

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