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Yeah I've come to find I think the pulse length being different is normal.

The real problem is that the bike hunts around in RPMs at idle and there is a sputtering sound like it's missing from the left tailpipe. So I was just looking for anything in tuneecu that might help point me to the cause of this issue.

I did turn off the O2s at one point and the sputtering sound does stop when I do that and the idle seems more stable but still not rock solid.

One thing I noticed is that the rpm really drops and the bike seems to struggle after it warms up and I hear the solenoid click for the SAS pump at the back of the airbox. This wouldn't impact A/F ratio though would it? I thought it is just pumping fresh air into the exhaust - so why would it cause an rpm drop and the bike to start stumbling? hmm
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