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Is this the same bike some of us bid on a couple of weeks ago on ebay then disappeared? My $5k+ bid still stands, though I got a strange email from ebay saying they pulled the listing for their own reasons. Any color on what happened?

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This is one of only thirty that E.M.L. and B.M.W. built together in 1998 for the Paris to Dakar off-road race. It was really cost prohibitive to put the Hack in production. It cost over $30,000.00 in 1998 dollars to build. For those unfamiliar with the Dakar race. here is a link to the 2012 site;
Only a handful made it out into the market, and they were only for large International bike dealers. I bought this one from a mid-western dealer who wanted my two tone Roadster that was the same one that was on the B.M.W promotion pamphlet in 1997. The bikes front end and suspension,and rims are a E.M.L. off-road design. The drive train is B.M.W. It's the best of both worlds, in my opinion. The bike was used in gold prospecting as a lead vehicle, and always carried on a trailer to the area. So there are less than 10,000 miles on the bike. "She can go places that you would not believe!". Also between the sidecar trunk and Panniers you can carry a couple of weeks of provisions. Over the last year I gave her a two tone paint job. Much nicer than the original all black. There were no dents. just scrapes throughout the paint job. In addition I installed heated grips and a heated seat for year round comfort.
Now for the fifty-cent question. Why are you selling the bike? It was to be my retirement bike. I have had it since it was new, and always took great care of the bike. Unfortunately, life and time spent in the military have not so kind to my body. I am fifty eight years old and have two plates that hold my head on. Artificial hips and a back that is now an inoperable cork screw. It's far two painful to use the bike to her potential. So it's time to let some young buck or Gal to get on her and let her off her chain again. Wow, what an incredible experience she has been. I am looking for a home for her-not interested in selling the bike to someone who just plans to flip it. So if you are a dreamer with empty pockets or someone who wants to generate cash off my misery, "Do not contact me!" I plan to use the money in the purchase of a trailer Trimaran sailboat. A three hull sailboat to replace my three wheel bike. To use on calm waters I may add. Well good luck and feel free to contact me here or on my private email
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