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Originally Posted by shadman View Post
I have an embroidered General's shirt from our waiter in my closet. He has my only "Affliction" shirt in his. Fair trade for some great memories in Galeana.

Heading south from Galeana the village of san francisco in the middle of no-where is the most peaceful place I've ever been on earth. Try to follow the mountains south, between the coastal plains and the cities on the high plains. There is water and mountains and valleys for miles and miles and miles.

Hi Shadman,

I'll have to check out San Francisco just to see how it stacks up to the middle of the Sandhills in Nebraska for most peaceful place on earth. Thanks for the idea.

I'm with you on the stay in the mountains south idea. I haven't ever explored the Sierra Gorda area either further south. Used to live in Oregon so visited Baja and the western Sierras and Copper canyon area plenty. But usually headed down the coastal route the few times I headed south from Texas.

It's nice up here. I wonder if your waiter from Galeana wore your tee shirt yesterday for the festivities. Affliction is way Dia de los Muertos :

Anyway, thanks for the idea. Although I may have to cut over to Real de Catorce for a side trip. Never been there either.

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