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Something about my Dell's that I forgot: If they are too rich just off idle they surge. I am running a few tuning experiments. I think I am making ground. I am going to run it like I have it know for a while and see what I think. The jetting is all the same but I am now running 165 mains all because of airbox mods. Basically no airbox top and I shortened my velocity stacks by about three inches. It just barely effects my low rpm power versus killing it before the port work and higher CR. Now it is pulling a lot stronger at 8k rpm. The intake is noisy now! My valves definitely are not floating with those pushrods which are almost three times as heavy as the stock ones but that is what the big money pushrod guys are doing so I am giving it a try. Does it help? I don't know other than it has to be helping a least just a bit since those stock rods flex a lot. I do know that it is running good as it is! I am still running stock springs with no preload. I was thinking about preloading them just a bit but my stack height was already a bit short according to spec so I didn't. I don't think it is hurting me at all. In my experience, more spring pressure takes a lot of longevity out of the setup so I try to not go there.

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