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There's a fun thread over in the Oilhead Boxers forum tracking mileage by model year. (Please do contribute to thread if you're a 1200 GS/GSA owner!)

One of the current takeaways that mileage on the bike goes down with more recent ownership...

...although it's somewhat of an obvious data point, it is fun to see average bike mileage by model year.

With the additional use of tables and filters, we can create a chart showing total submissions by mileage range, and we can also narrow down by model year using the filter in the upper left hand corner. Try it out...

When you're done playing with the year filter, just cancel the filter to get back to showing total distribution. Don't worry about making changes to the file with the filter, that activity happens locally in your browser, the source file doesn't change.

This functionality requires the desktop version of Excel (2010 and higher) to create, but it's free to post on Skydrive and display in an embedded message.

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