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Yes thanks guys .....the situation is .. they wont be moving
These grubs are the relatives of the lady who owns the property

When we brought .6 yrs ago it was a nice quiet street .... the old lady was nice and i used to mow here lawn for her.... The grubs were kicked out of there last hovel for anit social they have moved into her moms being the old lady

she brought with her .. 3 yapping dogs ......6 kids rage from 8 yrs old up to 17 .. then there is her other 2 gems both of wich are over 18 and dont live there but there all the time anyways

few months ago they moved a shit box caravan into the back yard .. and then in moved another son of her's and his girlfriend and there newborn ...then we have the junky flat mate .. he has just moved out ..but is over there every day

along with every other lowlife from the area

most days there are up wards of 15 to 20 ppl in the house not all staying over night but most of the time

on a regular basis there is well over 10 ppl sleeping there with nothing to do but fight with each other all day long

the language that we have to hear is disscusting .....and i work constrution

all the kids smoke and there is drug use in the house

we are moving out over the nxt few weeks ... so i can empty the house .. my mates from work are going to help me finish the place off so i can put it on the market

Iwas and am still very upset by all of this ....the only solution is to move ....we may rent the place out for a lil while whilst we try to sell
so maybe i wont loose so much money

all and all this country is fucked ..and if your a hard working person trying to get ahead in life and are unlcky enough to have grubs like this move in nxt to you ... there is no help out there .. there is only help for the grubs

We need a Revoulution
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