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S/J Yes mate i knew what i was infor when we brought here the time is was the only place in my price range and in a good location

half bris half goldcoast

wife works gold coast i work city .....i did my research and meet the other owners in the street b4 we brought .. there was only 1 person who warned me in the street to these ppl .. but i thought he was a grumpy bugger anyways

our plan was to buy it .. me fix it up over the nxt 10 yrs sell up and move on ....all was going fine untill 18 months ago

this area i still belive is a go ahead area ...with access to m1 and logan motorway easy

ties in all 3 directions ....i thought as time goes on the place will change as price's go up and become more expencive to rent here for the scummers

i was wrong and the old grupy bugger was right

i can see some direction now and am calming down a lil bit .. i had a breakdown at work on friday and my work mates had to take me off the job

it was ind still is a very sad situation ....i have a realeste coming over tomorrow and having a chat with me on my plans

ill see what he has to say
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