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The next day,we left early and headed off into some beautiful wooded hills ,riding alongside farm fields and through secluded villages.
Whilst riding through one small village ,Walter scares a young calf in the middle of the track. He didn,t see what was happening as i was following around 100 yards behind, but the farmer wash,t too happy, chasing the calf with a big stick and shouting at me. I know i should,t ,but i could,t stop myself from laughing .

Later on that same day, we were exiting another small village, through some old derelict farm buildings,on a bumpy soil track.Walter was up ahead again. But what happened next was a bit surreal ,a police lada with blue flashing light came tearing out from behind one of the farm buildings, chasing Walter......,The two police officers soon realised they were never going to catch him,but then realised that there were two crazy bikers invading their territory. They then turned their attention to me, waving and shouting out of their car window for me to stop. By then i wash,t quite sure what to do, open the throttle and leave them in a cloud of dust ?, or do the honourable and courteous thing and stop. I decided to stop and see what would happen, they jumped out,just like a scene out of "keystone cops",..... before realising that i was a foreigner,.....they then just stood there staring at me, got back in their lada and drove off.!
It was so funny i could hardly ride my bike.

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