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cowbell went fine. started on row 87. I rode the xr350 with its new forks. the xr350 can be a fast bike to ride with the stock suspension, but it takes attention to ride it fast. the xr400 forks make it a much faster bike that even takes more attention to ride. it was a relatively tight course, so I didn't push it.

the goal was to finish the enduro, but I got carried away and had some close calls and even a bend handlebar. however, after reviewing my score card, it looks like I may have burned a check by 28mins. YIKES ! (maybe the 58:34 was really a 85.34, since that would have put me only 2 minutes too fast). however, I don't remember ever being ahead at all (especiall 28minutes), since I actually figured out the enduro computer and had correct time. oh well.

lot's of rocky uphills, and loads of really slick loam mud and puddles to slip on. oh... the course was littered with huge waterbars, sometimes dangerously close together, if you're going fast and really deep ruts in places.

the other riders on my row started to wipe out on the first (small) hill we hit, and that's the last I saw of them.

the last few miles were on a flat rear. thank god for rimlocks ! made it back to the finish, even though it made for some interesting uphills with the rear end going everywhere it likes.

oh, and because of my hectic departure and lack of preparations, I forgot my Camelback. only water/gatoraide at the fuel stops (2 stops in 85 ground miles ~4+hrs. someone drank my gatoraide, but another rider gave me his spare. thanks !

figured out the calibrate function on my vintage honda computer, but I missed a turn _before_ the odometer check (dooh), so I ended up not using it. it only works, if you calibrate withing +/-10% of the target mileage (and the test mileahe is actually correct). no biggy, I just the odometer manually and ran it in "uncalibrated" mode.


bike -> flat rear, bend bar

ingo -> nasty chaffing on frost bite sites from last weekend, big lump above my ankle from where my foot got hung up on a rock, re-re-re-pulled muscle in my upper leg trying to recover from a mud induced hiccup. I think that's it.
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