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winter mods, commuter set up.......

While I don't post much I'm lurking here daily, I posted a few questions earlier this spring after I picked up my 2012 XR650L. I still really like the cycle (I currently only have the one cycle). I haven't delved in to many mods, having been laid off for a couple months cahs was tight, back to work now and I'm making my list:
what I've done so far;
4 gallon clarke tank
crf front fender
skid plate
rear rack (hopefully will be replaced with a manracks one)

so with the limited riding season coming up here in upstate NY here's my list:

XRR moose/PBI front sprocket
smog removal/block off
rejet- I know everyone say do Dave's Mod, I'm thinking of just a couple of jets and go....use stock air filter, maybe the factory pro jet kit
replace the handlebars (bent couple drops on the trials) with protaper ATV hi bars

I've already done a few oil/filter changes been using the spec'd Honda 10w-30 oil, I've been getting it online for about the price of Rotella at Walmart (from Ron Ayers)
one question I have is the Rotella synthetic?

Another new job has a commute of about 40 miles each way mostly slab at 65mph+
is anyone riding the 650l daily under these conditions?
I'm looking for ideas for tires (I still want some dirt light off road capability), wind screen,
eventually an oil cooler either one from Sutton Cycle works or the Van Pelt one if it is still being made.

Anyway I'm just looking for ideas, my other option is to look for a more street oriented ride like an old Suzuki bandit, Kawi Concours, etc, pm me if you like

thanks all.......
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