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Might as well start with the pix.
Left the house in Deland just after 4:00 am.
Picked up my first tag at the FR 88 Shooting Range just after 5:00
Got the bonus too!

My eyes are closed because after blinding myself with the flash four times prior to
actually getting all the required elements I finally got smart!
Range, bike self, and weapon.......Bonus complete.

Just the other side of Ocala on CR326 it got REALLY foggy and cold.
Rain gear put in use.
The farther north I went, the thicker it got.
Visibility down to less than 50 feet in spots. Did I say it was wet??
Next stop, Dakotah Winery, just outside of Chiefland.
Not open at 6:45am............

I have to come back this way so I'll see if I can't get a better picture then.
Next stop, Four Corner tag number one.
Horseshoe Beach.....about 7:30am

There must have been a hundred hunters/trucks down every side road.
The fog was so thick on CR351 that it seemed like it was raining.
Back to the Dakotah Winery......
With a little daylight I could see the truck in the original tag picture.
Best I could do with the gates closed.....

South to Four Corners tag number two. The Gamble Plantation, Ellenton. ~12:45pm

I actually made a side trip beforehand to get a replacement tag.
Added about an hour to the trip.
Got some fuel and started looking for some food.......
Ended up at a previously tagged spot in Bowling Green, Smokin' Joes BBQ.

Soon to be joined by some locals........

John and Paula........affectionately know hereabouts as sanjoh and sanpau.

My twenty minute lunch stop turned into an worries, I'm making good time.
I had checked the forum at 3:30am and saw that Larry Gee had picked off two tags
that I had on my route but there was still another out there to be had.....
says.....don't bother!
Already been done......oh well, onward to Four Corners tag number three, Vero.

This seemed to be the longest stretch of the trip although milage wise its not.
Jaycee Park, Vero out for the local drivers....they suck.

Time for a few more local tags.......the ones Mark1304 didn't get yesterday.
I mean come on! They've sat forever and you decide to pick them off on a Friday.
First off is the no longer there Blockbuster, 142 Malabar Rd.
I asked a few of the local folks which empty storefront it was and four out of five
peeps said it was here in the corner.
I'll need a ruling on this one.
They've completely remodeled the whole strip mall.
The gums all removed from the sidewalk although you can tell where it was!

Next stop, Cocoa Village Playhouse. I'm not telling the wife about the area.

Nice ride up Forrest Rd which turns onto US1.
Great ride up along the river to the next tag.
The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary on Columbia Blvd.
Shadows are getting long and I've still got to tag Flagler!

North it is, as the sun goes down.
Four corners tag number four, the Flagler Pier, around 7:30pm.

And now just a short forty five minute run to the house.
690.7 miles for the tour. GPS had it as a little more, but who's counting..

Replacement tags up next!


So what if it was short....I still had a great time!!!
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