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Not many pics on here lately... so I decided to put up some from yesterday's ride!
After last weeks snow and down to -5C (during the day that is!) I already thought this years riding season over. BUT - yesterday brought a beautiful autumn day with sun, blue skies and temperatures around 15C in the valley!
So I took the bike to do the shopping and it felt so good that I spontaneously changed plans and went for a wee ride over some nice passes to Chamonix-Mont Blanc.
Mind you, I was riding in my leathers without any extra jacket and summer gloves. Not bad at all for November in the Alps. It got a bit chilly up the passes, but I had dry roads and sunshine all the way, garnished with those amazingly beautiful autumn colours.
(The only good thing about this tourist trap that is Chamonix was that they had a public toilet... )
Mighty Mont Blanc itself was pretty much covered in clouds, so I didn't take any pictures.
I still don't have a decent camera so please connive at the poor picture quality. And of course they are all still lifes...

Col de la Forclaz (beautiful road with most amazing views in all directions)

Somewhere in France, between Trient and Chamonix

I really do hope that there will be some more days for ride outs like that this year.
Right now the rain is pattering on the roof window... Cosy sunday afternoon.
If only I wouldn't have to work...

Cheers y'all.
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