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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post
You found that at a gun show? Nice find! Around here they are usually sold before they get into inventory, much less make it to a show.
I hear that has a line of scopes that will stand up to that recoil but I have no actual experience with them. I mostly shoot my old 30-338 with an equally old 20x Unertl, far less than the impact than you will be looking at (on both ends). Enjoy!

The dealer was late getting there and they were still packing boxes in......I spotted the 110BA on the end of the box and followed them to the table, opened the box and licked it marking it as mine . I am going with the SWFA 5-20 X 50 unfortunately it is on BO until the end of Nov I have heard but will call Monday. I had a Super Sniper made by taco before SWFA took it over and at that time theywere made in Japan and still are. I had the SS on a bolt action .50 BMG rifle and it was a great scope and held up great. The SWFA has been getting great reviews and has been out quite a while now. I. Would love a Nightforce or a S&B but it's not in the budget after looking at what it is going to cost to get upand running reloading the .338 LM
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