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I see this game as a means of A) encouraging people to ride to places they normally wouldn't, and B) encouraging people to document their endeavours. It would seem to me, the more active games running in parallel, the more likely you would be to get people not normally interested in playing to go document a tag a few blocks from them, and possibly get them engaged in the game. I don't see having more games as a problem, but simply giving the members here more chances to put his or her mark on the game. Maybe I missed the mark.... Like I said, I'll be riding whether I take pictures or not.

The reason some of the tags seemed to linger, is because they were further than a lot of people were willing to go for a day ride. I would normally not care about putting these miles on my bike, but I'm not made of money, and chains, tires, oil, fuel, cams, valves, piston rings, main/rod bearings, tranny dogs, gears, clutches, etc are all consumable parts. Because I'm a maintenance Nazi, I do my valve adjustments every 6k miles, and the more I ride without good reason, the quicker I have to replace parts, tackle big tasks, and the more money I spend to see places that I likely couldn't give two shits about seeing. If this game is the motivation some people need to get out and ride, that's great. I don't need motivation, so I'll play when it's convenient.

I really wasn't trying to harp on anyone. It's not like I'm talking to a group of Harley owners that spend more time polishing their heavy chrome behemoths than putting time into developing adequate skills. It just seems like (and this is the American way), that the people complaining aren't the people contributing.

So if anyone took offense to anything I said, I'm sorry--that you have thin skin.

Now, this last tag--I have no idea where this is. I looked at the map trying to located off the bridge, but I'm pretty stumped. I was figuring with the dirty minded comment that either the name of area has some sexual connotation, or that it's near a titty bar....namely Jaguars, but the scenery doesn't look quite right....
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