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Originally Posted by jayfredweb View Post
Awesome thread! Aside from the last 3 or 4 pages of people requesting to be entered into the contest (you can enter me too!), I have enjoyed reading through this entire thread. Bc_seattle Ďs stolen review was great and had the best photos yet (Page 13, post #185).

Iím still in the break-in phase of my new R1200GS. I am intrigued by the Overland 60 Adventure system. From the photos Iíve seen, I can kind of figure out how the 15L pannier bags attach to the Adventure Platforms. Although I havenít seen a good close-up of how the platforms attach to the racks.

How secure are the platforms attached to the racks? Is there a proven method to secure (lock) the platforms to the rack? Just to keep the honest honest. Iím thinking more about the times Iím not using the bags at all, but perhaps still have a RotoPax of water and fuel attached, with their own lockable hardware.

Hi Jay,

Glad you liked most of the thread (consider yourself entered for the draw too! )

To answer your questions about the Overlander 60:

The platforms attach super-securely to the racks via the cam lever mounts. However, the Overlander 60 was designed as a hardcore, off-road, wild camping type system, where weight-saving and the ability to quickly and easily remove and reattach the panniers, along with reduced chances of damaging the bike (in the event of an off) and rider (also in the event of an off, or when paddling / pushing through or over an obstacle) prove more important than security.
That's the trade-off for not having to haul massive 'tins' through the wilderness.

That said, it is simple to unclip and remove the entire platform, complete with bags or RotopaX, from the rack, to keep it safe at prolonged stops etc. And I am sure some kind of cable lock could be used to secure them against the entire units being stolen.

We have a few photos of the Overlander 60 mounted to Touratech racks on a GSA here: Hopefully, they will help clarify how the platforms attach, but let me know if you'd like any more detail.


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