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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
The price is right ... that's for sure!

Is it waterproof, or did you waterproof it somehow?

I installed this gizmo back 4 years ago when my bike was new:

Once I started hearing about stator failures I was very glad to have done so....

What seems odd to me is that "system voltage" is one of the display options for the OBC on some other models of BMW...
Wish we had that on the twins................
I wish my OBC had that futue as well. 2 chronometers? Who needs it anyways? Well it is not waterproof. However I filled the back with the Fujik (sp?) brand elastic heat dissipating electrically non-conductive glue (just because I had lots of it and no silicon). The box was too thick for the purpose so I had to cut it a little. Off course the cover did not mate perfectly so I siliconed it (well the silicon was almost dry and I got some rubbery slilicon in there). I doubt the screen is waterproofed but I really did not need it. It could be waterproofed with a little silicon along the edges. It is positioned right below the wind screen. It had some rain on it for sure since I rode it in terrible rain multiple times and left it in the rain for quite some time. The worst is the morning mist. It can go in where no rain can go in. It saw maybe 3-4 weeks of it every night and still works. The rain water is non-conductive so it should not short it. Maybe corrotion can damage it in time. I will throw in another every 2-3 years .For the price its no problem. I have the box already so I do not have to spend 5$ worth of gas to get it. Damn! Chinese can make that thing and sent it to my address for less than 2.50$ while I have to spend 5$ on gas to get a box in the same city.
Originally Posted by Lujo View Post
Nice, lunaticTR! My pet peeve with dash-mounted voltmeters is that they're either too hard too see or too distracting. On my F800ST I have the same warning light that JRWooden mentions, but I disabled the green so that I don't have to keep seeing a bright green light when everything is OK. I wouldn't mind having a more precise readout, though.
Thanks. Its not that eye striking. Actully I never paid attaintion to it at night. It is not like the LEDs that point the light straight to your eyes. The flashing green LEDs of the SPOT on my tanktop case, on the other hand, would lit up my visor from the bottom and I thought it was the thunder and was going to rain. It was quite sometime untill I figured it out
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