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May 22th: I wake up very early but it’s raining. Ok breakfast

after this the rain stops, but the sky remain dark and stormy. I fix my luggage and I’m ready to go. Direction is west.

ohh a Golf Club

always delicious the juice from sugar cane

the landscape begins to change

the sky is always dark but I begin to see a lot of bikers that stop to wear rain’s better do the same thing, even if isn’t raining. I learn that time noise from sky and rain is very short in Vietnam, but nobody refuses to take refuge from the rain. I had a stop in to a gas station

sometimes the rain makes streets into little river and that remind me the road Manali – Leh in India

in the North of Vietnam there are a lot of monuments in USSR style

around night I reach Son La that became my first stop in Vietnam. To sleep in Vietnam you can find two kind of accomodation. The hotel named khách sạn and the guest house (cheaper) nha nghi: both take care of your motorbike and put it directly in the hall.

The room is around 4 €= 5 $

After a quick shower I walked along the main road...ok every Vietnam city has a very big big central road and as in the former USSR cities that’s all. Right and left hotel, shops and restaurants. The owner was very happy to have a foreign client

the food was excelent..this cats which I had given food are still alive

This morning I’d like to reach Dien Bien Phu, where in the 1954 came the big victory of the Viet Minh Army on the French Army and put an end to the Indocina War that has begun in the 1946: to know more please click on this link

a very important thing. When you travel and decide to download pics from memory card to your notebook, remember to put again the card in the camera: could be very difficult do it when luggages are fixed on the motorbike

the Vietnam jam, as in Africa and India is amix of vehicles, people and animals

sometimes the vegetation has a green really incredible

What you can do to dry quickly hay or rice ? Use the spaved road

ohh the rain: i’m on the road but I see a little stand of fruit and a house, so I drive my motorbike in the backyard

Is a property of a young guy that works as excavator driver: he has showed to me the operating manual. He’s at home with a friend that’s a teacher. They offered to me tea and fruit

I arrived to Dien Bien Phu around 1 ,00 pm and so first I had lunch

this is a celebration of the victory mhh this staircase remind me Odessa and the Potemkin staircase

the war cemetery

I meet a couple of Belgium tourists and we exchange informations on Vietnam: very intresting population. For one year and half they hadn’t a governement, but the country was going on.

I started around 3 pm and I decided to arrive as far as possible: normally is a point that you can’t miss.

a stop for a drink...and rain again

Along the road I bought a pillow from a Guest House. I’m short, but the bike is very little with a hard seat

I reach Lai Chau around 7 pm and just one hotel has a room. First eat, the shower can wait

the hotel has a big dining room with wi-fi free, table football, billiard and a room for the national pastime in Vietnam: the karaoke. Every bar, restaurant , private home has one

around 2 am it’s enough: and this time the owner stops the people to sing. My room is very large and I could arrange clothes and luggage easily

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