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No love on this yet, huh?

Well, I installed the TPMS unit yesterday. Removing the tank would have made it easier/cleaner, but I've not done that yet on this bike and am not going to unless absolutely necessary (unlike the 1150 tank, which I had off all the time).

For the ground, I ended up using a bolt that secures one of the seat mounts. I scuffed up the bottom of the nut before reassembly and that circuit is hot now.

The TPMS is up and first time to have such a unit...nice to have that bit of info. This feature is not available OEM here as there is some issue with the frequency the units transmit on...or something like that.

The unit comes on immediately on ignition, I thought a 7-second delay was standard for the PDM60...maybe that was changed when I asked for circuit customization.

All of my circuits also stay on for a few minutes after key off...I can already see this is not the best behavior for the TPMS unit, as it's an attention grabbing light that will stay on when I walk away from the bike. Not desirable in all locations.

Will be great when future versions of this the PDM60 have a mini-USB port for the end user to reprogram the character of each circuit while still in the bike...
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