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The GT bike also has the top and side box liners (I'm not sure what they're called but they're luggage that fits the boxes. They were on the bike in Atl this weekend.

Originally Posted by Pampero View Post
Unless we all misunderstand what comes in the GT package and you must have the GT badging, I think it is actually cheaper to buy an MTS Touring and add the accessories. Here's the math list to list on a 2013 using Pro Italia's online retail pricing for Ducati Accssories: (Tax, tags and fees extra)

'13 MTS Touring: 19995.00 (includes standard panniers, obviously)
Top Case: 658.00
73L Pan. Covers: 350.00
DP Crash Bars: 353.00
Supplementary Lights: (?) 300 (just guessin')
Total: $21648.00


'13 MTS GT: @21995.00

Did I miss anything?

And, you have both sets of pannier covers buying it that way (as a "T" and ordering the bits separately). I didn't include any difference in case there's a "better" screen on the GT but if there is, that leaves over $300 to buy it

Unless there's a lot more to the package than we know of now, you are better off buying an S Touring and putting the stuff on yourself. Top box and crash bars are an easy job for anybody with eight fingers and two thumbs, hardly worth $650 to have "factory mounted." The supplementary lights are the one wild card. I priced lights at $300. Do you even need them? Who knows?

You're good, Turkish Express! Unless I missed a major component, (always a possibility!) the GT package doesn't seem like that important an option set to me.
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