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Originally Posted by Marsh Tiger View Post
The game worked for years as is. People play when they can, the new Charleston will be no different.

Everybody has to do maintenance, you seem to REALLY enjoy it (that's not a poke, it's cool if you like to work on your bike)

You feel this way because you haven't spent enough time playing to know who plays. When you decide to take a break from tag will you be upset if someone tells you that you are not contributing? I think I can speak for many of us when I say this whole thing started with one man's bad mood. Had this game come about under different circumstances it may have been greeted with open arms. Tag will not always move at a pace that suits all of us. There are other games on ADV that may. Did any of you ever consider looking before you decided to blow up the community? When this game fails to meet the collectives standards of the group will another one be created? The conclusion can easily be drawn that you didn't, nor did you care if you offended inmates that have been playing the lowcountry game longer than presumably you have lived in Charleston or at least known about the game. Please do not presume that we must not care because you haven't seen us play much.

I sure as hell hope that this has reached the discussion stage, if anyone took offense to anything I said, I'm sorry--that you have thin skin.
What would the different circumstances have been? Should I have asked the "communities" permission first? Come on man this is an Internet forum not the Lions Club. Here is it broken down. Low country tag game comes to a stand still when the game leaves Charleston. I wanted to create a game without so much downtime. This idea didn't come about from a bad mood. It came about as I was thinking how I enjoy the tag game and I'd enjoy it more if I could get more people to play. This game wasn't created to shut any other games down. As ter3e mentioned I created it to get more people playing. I'm really not sure how this created so much upset among the "community". It seems there is a lot of upset over very little. As I've said numerous times now if no one wants to play then the thread will die. Let's just all calm down. There is no reason get all worked up and challenge each others riding cred.
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